This was my third game that I do and I had many problems about flip card and help icon. It look tweening and code don't be related and had to correct for many times.

After I finished this game, I had a tile base function and can used it for other works later. I had to write function for time bar and calculate bonus too, but it was useful for other games.

Now I have written new time bar class for using in ther future too.

Work date : Jan 18 2005

version : Flash MX Professional 2004

Graphic : Toa (EIEI)

Programming : bubbleball

please go to play here :



Thiswas myfirst game that I do for beboydcg company(programming) and it is challenge my ability so much because I had never done any game before. I had touse my mechanical book that I used when I was studying in university for create projectile function and it wasuseful for this work.

About this game I had to test bydoing projectile enginefirst and had to change many values that it looked good for throwing of oranges. Wind look will a main factor for this game too and made me to decision what the equation that I should used for projectile movement.

Combo mode make more complex for programming.

Work date :Feb10 2004

version:Flash MX

Graphic : beboydcg

Programming : bubbleball

please go to play here : http://www.nineb.com/portfolio/game/fruitKeeper/fruit_keeper.html